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Business, travel, health, mental health and lifestyle are my specialties, but I love researching new topics. I always respect word count and deliver solid copy written to your specifications.

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Why your cambodia trip may be doing more harm than good article

Traveling to Cambodia? Here are 5 ways your trip may be doing ...

Traveling to Cambodia? Here are 5 ways your trip ma...

Supplementswp article

The Score on Dietary Supplements

Which ones should you be taking? What studies have been done? What should you know about supplements?

Depressionwp article

Tackling Depression: A 10-Step Guide for Achieving Happiness

To heal, you need a plan.

Purpose article

How Purpose Drives Results in Business - Gulfshore Business - November 2016

Does your company’s mission live at the heart of your business?

Nashville article

Nashville, Tennessee: Feel the Pulse of America in Music City

Deep in the nation's heartland, you can feel the beat of American culture flowing through the streets. Nashville, known as Music City, has a pulse that pounds to the rhythm of country, bluegrass, and soul. It's a city where the simple is sublime.

Fiduciary article

The New Fiduciary Rule And You, The Investor

The Labor Department’s freshly minted fiduciary rule is big news in the financial industry, but what do the changes mean to you as an investor?

Whereveryougo e1440532962231 article
the culture-ist

Why Being a Nomad Won't Make You Happier - Culture-ist

Why Being a Nomad Won't Make You Happier - Culture-...

72346526 image optimized 539b5c7149700 article

Jay Z: Free flowing genius

“I'd rather die enormous than live dormant” - Jay-Z, "Can I Live." Jay-Z got his wish. He hasn't lived dormant, and he hit enormous a......

Shutterstock 44860741 article

The Best Way to Treat Gender Dysphoria | WebPsychology

The Best Way to Treat Gender Dysphoria | WebPsychol...

Miami article


The Miami area is widely known as a spring break destination for young adults, but Miami Beach has a lot to offer for families year-round.

Cancun article

Cancún, Mexico: Destination for Indulgence

While a popular destination for conferences and weddings, Cancún, Mexico, is synonymous with indulgence and relaxation in many people's minds. This Caribbean beach destination's all-inclusive resorts offer a carefree lifestyle where a visitor's every whim gets satisfied.

72941916 image optimized 53c98e59e87c4 article

Tracy Chapman's powerful voice makes folk music rock

When Tracy Chapman burst onto the scene in 1988, her soulful voice did the seemingly impossible. It made folk music cool. Most female......

Vancouver article

Explore the Pacific Northwest From the Quiet Town of Vancouver

The Pacific Northwest is America's lush natural paradise, where modern city life bumps up against mountains, coastline, and forests galore. Once home to fur traders and then lumberjacks, this part of the country is now a base for internet businesses, artists, hipsters, and nature lovers.

Govt article

How to Market to the Government

Government is a massive consumer of goods and services at every level.

Dsc06270 article

Cirali Turkey: A mythical beach paradise - Indie Travel Guru

Cirali Turkey is a quiet village on the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast of Turkey; a peaceful spot with heart-stopping views in every direction....