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Business, travel, health, mental health and lifestyle are my specialties, but I love researching new topics. I always respect word count and deliver solid copy written to your specifications.

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Supplementswp article

The Score on Dietary Supplements

Which ones should you be taking? What studies have been done? What should you know about supplements?

Depressionwp article

Tackling Depression: A 10-Step Guide for Achieving Happiness

To heal, you need a plan.

Shutterstock 44860741 article

The Best Way to Treat Gender Dysphoria | WebPsychology

The Best Way to Treat Gender Dysphoria | WebPsychol...

Depressionwp1 article

How To Realize You’re More Than Your Depression

Chronic depression may become part of your identity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold on to the rest of who you are.

Travelwp article

Can Travel Help You Beat Depression?

If you suffer from depression, you’re probably familiar with the usual recommendations.
But what if none of that is working for you?

Meditationwp article

Meditation for Treating Depression ...

People around the world use meditation to cope with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. But is it effective?

Darwinwp article

Was Darwin Plagued By Severe Anxiety?

Some historians believe that Darwin’s keen powers of observation were honed by his personal anxieties.

Dementiawp article

5 Surprising Signs Of Dementia

People of all ages occasionally lose their keys, or forget why they walked into a room. How can you know when to be concerned?

Blanket article

The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Support Someone with Bipolar Disorder

You may feel powerless to help, but there are things you can do to support a person while they seek stability.

Perspective article

How A Change In Perspective Can Reduce Your Stress

Taking someone else’s perspective: Can it help you manage your stress?

Bipolarwp article

Understanding the Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Depression and bipolar disorder are often overlapping diagnoses that share a lot of symptoms. What is the difference between them?