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Business, travel, health, mental health and lifestyle are my specialties, but I love researching new topics. I always respect word count and deliver solid copy written to your specifications.

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Jay Z: Free flowing genius

“I'd rather die enormous than live dormant” - Jay-Z, "Can I Live." Jay-Z got his wish. He hasn't lived dormant, and he hit enormous a......

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Tracy Chapman's powerful voice makes folk music rock

When Tracy Chapman burst onto the scene in 1988, her soulful voice did the seemingly impossible. It made folk music cool. Most female......

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Eminem: A shock for the system

It's hard to remember just what a system shock Eminem was when he first arrived on the scene. To get a feel for how it happened, let's......

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Rihanna reigns as the naughty princess of pop

Rihanna, the platinum-selling Barbadian songstress, is as famous for her off-screen antics as for her chart-bending musical career. She......

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Lenny Kravitz saturates his retro rock with a sensitive spirit

It seems strange that a whole generation only knows Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, the gentle genius fashion designer who does his best to take......

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Nicki Minaj refuses to be pigeonholed

Nicki Minaj is a work in progress, continually evolving. When she hit her first success in 2010 with her Pink Friday album, she had......

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Leonard Cohen: The poet laureate of popular music

"I don't have a good voice. Everyone knows that," admits Leonard Cohen in the documentary "Bird on a Wire". Cohen's self-deprecating and......